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Feature Benefit All Modules Competency Scheduling
Automated Competency Assessments
Easily automates all competency assessment procedures for any test system, including those required by CLIA '88, state agencies and provincial governments.
Checklists and Quizzes
Use our standardized checklist templates and quiz question bank to get your competency program up and running quickly. Or you can customize templates or create your own custom content to ensure your program meets all internal standards.
Proficiency Testing Wizard
Our proficiency testing wizard goes beyond a checklist. The wizard handles tracking and manages assigning the testing and reviewing results. It covers proficiency testing, testing previously analyzed specimens, and blind duplicate testing.
Handles All Lab Test Systems
All laboratory test system types are covered: high complexity, moderate complexity (including provider performed microscopy), and waived.
Handles All Accreditations
StaffReady is customizable for any accrediting and certification organization and any regulations or mandates from governmental agencies.
Informative Dashboards
Instant awareness and management of tasks and issues across the entire organization, including multiple sites.
Dynamic Scheduling with Built-in Rotations and Templates
Easy accommodation of unique scheduling needs, such as double-back scheduling, weekend rotations, holidays, seniority, night/day shifts and double shifting.
Automated Email Notification and Alerts
Real-time awareness of overtime, shift coverage shortages, and breaches in custom schedule rules.
Powerful Shift Trade and Shift Bidding Tools
Employees empowered to manage their own schedules, increasing job satisfaction and schedule ownership.
PTO/Leave Management
Empowers employees to access calendars and manage time off requests with transparency. Supervisors are able to approve, deny or customize leave requests based upon the needs of the team or organization during that period.
Schedule Forecasting
Potential overtime issues avoided.
Transparent Vacation and Leave Management
Improved employee morale due to up-to-date visibility of all vacation and leave requests.
Consolidated Workflows
Multiple schedule editing tasks completed faster within one intuitive environment.
Schedule Editor
Speedy click and drop editing for schedule changes.
Audit Trail
Improved accountability and transparency around schedule, employee and job changes.
Fully web-based solution in the cloud, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser.
Multi-site Management
Full multi-site and multi-department management delivered from anywhere with an internet connection.
At-a-glance Dashboard
Overviews of goals, tasks, and progress, each able to be explored for specifics.
Full Technical Support
Fully supported by the StaffReady technical team.
No need for support from your company’s IT department.
99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
Backup protocols ensure stable, real-time access.
Automatic Notifications
Automatic notifications triggered by intelligent workflows and customized parameters.
Mobile Access
Utilize mobile devices to easily view and manage schedules anywhere with internet access.
Secure, Centralized Data
Centralized data on secure servers with live fail-over protection.
Easy Report Generation
Report generation for granular data review.
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