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At StaffReady and Maplewood, we are redefining how cloud software performs, how it is delivered and supported. We are looking for talented team members to carry on and enhance that vision.

Career Paths

Software Development and IT

The Software Development and IT departments are responsible for maintaining, improving and developing our database infrastructure, servers and web applications. They focus on delivering secure, nimble and satisfying user experiences.

Sales and Account Management

The StaffReady Accounts department is responsible for customer retention and new customer sales. The Accounts Team provides project management for software implementation and other account activities, along with the Support Team.

Customer Support

The Customer Support team provides unparalleled customer service, software demonstrations, live webinars and virtual training. They also provide project planning and project management for software implementation for new customers, along with the Accounts Team.

Marketing and Education

The Marketing team provides clear messaging and education about the products and services created by the companies as well as other relevant industry topics. They also maintain a pulse on the market through consistent customer feedback and market research. They support internal, departmental efforts that need assistance with branded content.

Market and Product Development

The Market and Product Development team researches new product ideas for existing markets and new markets for existing products. They collect information and interview industry experts to better understand challenging business processes in order to innovate technological solutions that deliver value and lean efficiencies.

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An internship at StaffReady and Maplewood is a collaborative learning opportunity. We don’t ask interns to fetch coffee or spend their time on busywork that doesn’t have learning value or business value. Instead, interns receive coaching and mentoring and work on projects that will have an impact on our business and our customers.

Because of our dedicated approach to nurturing and coaching those in an internship position, we are extremely selective when choosing interns. We expect our interns to be engaged and committed to their own learning and growth.

Internship opportunities may become available within any of the departments.

quoteMy internship at Maplewood has provided a full view of what a programmer does when creating software. What I mean by that is I have participated in business objective and scrum meetings, engaged in finding solutions, helped deploy them and then supported them once deployed. I’ve talked to other student interns and they maybe get to work on bug fixes and rarely get to see the big picture. I feel fortunate for this internship experience at Maplewood.
Zach Lontz, Software Development Intern 2015

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