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The Five Most Common Inspection Deficiencies and How to Avoid Them

Laboratories across the country are continuously introducing more sophisticated testing into their routine test menu. At the same time, our career field is struggling for resources and regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly rigorous. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in 2017 up to five percent of all laboratories in the nation struggled with the exact same deficiencies  Citations such as proper reagent labeling and handling, completion of procedure manuals, Read More

Automating Manual Processes for 21st Century Lab Leaders

I suspect you’ve been there – attending a department leadership meeting.  You went in preoccupied with a variety of issues: problems with the new immunology assay, disappointed that the early Marketing estimates for the new assay seem to be more “myth” than “math,” wondering how you’re going to cover another 6-month FMLA leave request, and getting all of your documentation ready for your inspection window.   A lot, to be sure – but you could handle it.   Then during the meeting, Read More

Automation vs The Human Touch

Do we need humans in the lab?

Laboratories across the world are tasked with increasing productivity and efficiency while maintaining safety and quality. One of the ways this has been made possible is with the introduction of laboratory automation. Automation increases productivity, decreases turn-around-time, standardizes workflow, and delivers valuable data collection. Laboratory automation has also been proven to help labs set new safety goals and evaluate new acceptable standards ( Read More

Managing the Winter Blues

For much of the northern United States, the winter doldrums have arrived. The post-holiday months of February and March loom before us, dark, cold and wet in some fashion. You arrive to work in the dark, and you leave work in the dark. Fluorescent lab lights artificially illuminate your life. Days are dark and vacation seems far away. After the holidays, people in almost all professions are ready to fast forward to April and skip this part of the year altogether. Are the winter blues a real Read More

Reduce Your Competency Burden

Define a Test System

Competency. Assessment. Are your hairs standing on end? Are shivers running down your spine? Hopefully not! It's not that bad, right? But managing your competency assessment program is most likely not your favorite thing about working in the lab. It's time-consuming, labor intensive, and sometimes...confusing. This might be a good time to take a minute and brush up on competency assessment and test system basics. Fortunately, there is a way to cut down on the sheer number of required Read More